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We Nurture and Care
woman helping a child exercise by putting fingers together

About the Company

The Wilson Family Caring Center, Inc. is an organization that consists of compassionate and specially trained professionals who are committed to serving individuals with developmental disabilities. We strive to advocate for their independence. That is why we provide home and community-based support services that give them an opportunity to hone their skills.

Moreover, we nurture our clients’ self-advocacy skills through training and counseling, as well as by providing holistic care to provide their overall needs. 

Our Mission

The Wilson Family Caring Center is a state certified agency that takes a leadership role in advocating for the vision of appropriate services for all people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum. Our services emphasize creation and implementation of programs that enhance the individual’s strengths, promotes the individual’s preferences and choices and allows for the development of the individual’s preferred outcome. The Wilson Family Caring Center will encourage the individual to identify his or her goals and objectives that are considerate of his or her capabilities rather than his or her disabilities.

Our Vision

Our vision is focused on fostering all our clients’ skills through quality care and community-based support.